Course Curriculum

    1. Show, Don’t Tell

    2. ASSIGNMENT: Rewriting Adverbs

    3. Suspense

    4. ASSIGNMENT: Elements of Suspense

    5. Point of View (POV)

    6. ASSIGNMENT: Choosing the Right POV

    7. Literary Devices

    8. QUIZ: Knowing Your Literary Devices

    9. Conclusion

    10. FEEDBACK: Bird's Love Needs Your Feedback!

Course Details

  • $79.00
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 3 Assignments
  • 1 quiz

What You'll Learn

A little drama goes a long way! Discovering how to add some flair to your story can do wonders. With this course, you will:

  • Learn how to show readers what’s really happening in your story

  • Learn how to “hook” your readers with 4 essential elements of suspense

  • Learn 3 common POVs and determine which POV works best for your story

  • Discover 4 common literary devices that can help keep your readers engaged

About Your Instructor

Editor/Author Starr Balmer-Chore

Starr Balmer-Chore is a children’s picture book editor with 15 years of editorial experience in the publishing, media, and marketing industries. As the founder of Bird’s Love, an independent publishing company that provides essential editing services for writers of children’s picture books, she’s edited all types of children’s picture books and coached writers in helping them develop their stories for young readers. Starr is also the author of the children’s picture book, “Scary, Scary Sasha.”

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